Battery flex AC-1

This page describes the installation of a SOLARWATT Battery flex AC-1 home battery system on a SOLARWATT Manager.
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    EnergyManager proManager flex
    Battery flex AC-1

    Installation and configuration

    Number of connectable Battery flex AC-1: 1
    Interface: Ethernet

    Other applicable documents

    Online operating instructions: SOLARWATT Battery flex

    • Commission the Battery Flex according to the manufacturer's instructions.
    • Integrate the Battery Flex into the local network.

    Device search in SmartSetup

    • Starting the SmartSetup

    Certain device types are found and installed automatically (automatic installation)

    Other device types must be installed by selecting the device driver and specifying the IP address or host name (manual installation).

    Information on the installation types can be found in the table below.

    Automatic installation

    If the device is correctly configured and available in the network, it is displayed in green in the device list.

    • If necessary, connect additional devices
    • Continue with SmartSetup PV systems

    Manual installation

    • Select Select devices in the drop-down menu or search for the corresponding entry according to the table below.
    • Enter the required specifications according to the table below:
      • Search mode
      • iP address or host name, if applicable
    • Click Add device to search.
    • If necessary, add further devices to the search.
    • Once you have added all the devices to be searched for, click Search for and install devices.

    You can recognize correctly installed devices by the message: Device is installed. in the device list. The list also shows the current creation data.

    • If necessary, connect additional devices.
    • Continue with SmartSetup PV systems.

    Driver selection for device search

    energyManager proManager flex
    DriverSearch mode
    Battery flex AC-1Battery flexAutomatic detection of the IP addressAutomatic installation


    If the Battery flex is not found via the automatic search / automatic IP detection, check whether the device is available in the local network (via network scan - note, a network scan requires the prior consent of your customer - or access to the local user interface of the router).

    There is also the option of a manual search. To do this, click in the search field under the Search devices menu item and select Battery flex.
    The following options are available:

    • Automatic detection of the IP address: Equivalent to starting autodiscovery manually.
    • Manual assignment of the IP address: The IP address of the Battery flex must be specified explicitly. If you select this option, the IP address should be fixed in the local network (in the router settings).