SOLARWATT Battery flex

The SOLARWATT Battery flex AC-1 operating manual contains detailed documentation and supports installers and system operators during installation and commissioning as well as operation of the Battery flex.

Battery flex AC-1 is an AC-coupled and modular expandable lithium-ion battery storage system for increasing self-supply with self-produced energy.

Via an external current sensor, the system detects the energy demand and the surplus of generated energy by, for example, a photovoltaic system at the site.

The fully automatic control strategy provides for optimization of self-supply from own energy. When energy is drawn from the public grid, the battery storage system receives the information to discharge in order to support the energy supply from its own energy. As soon as a surplus of produced energy is detected that cannot be self-consumed, the battery storage system is charged. Battery flex provides a sustainable and secure energy supply from single-family homes to commercial properties.