We are Solarwatt.

At Solarwatt, we are lifelong friends to people who want to increase their use of clean energy – and partners who enable others to do the same.
At Solarwatt, we are lifelong friends to people who want to increase their use of clean energy – and partners who enable others to do the same.
solar sector experience
We have experienced and learned a lot. That's what makes us photovoltaic pioneers. Now, all Solarwatt customers and partners benefit from high-quality products that last a lifetime.
Solarwatt and most of our employees are based in Dresden, Germany, but you can find us and our partners across the globe. As our reach expands, our dedication to our customers remains as strong as ever.
panels sold
As demand for solar solutions continues to grow, we have too, producing & installing quality solutions for our valued customers across the world. We understand the importance of reliable, long-lasting modules delivering the best panel performance.
green-powered production
We need energy to manufacture our products. Consistently, we use only green power to manufacture the devices that let you generate and use your very own solar power.

The Solarwatt mission

We are Solarwatt.

We don't want to wait for the future to happen. As experienced pioneers, we want to take our place among the visionaries and create it. Every day, we work to make clean energy easily accessible to as many people as possible.

We design our products with uncompromisingly high consistency and quality standards, ensuring that they keep working reliably for an extremely long time. Because it is only over time that we see their full benefit. This is a benefit to each individual, and with each individual, a further benefit to our environment and the society we live in.

We do this not only because we love this planet, but because we feel a shared responsibility to do so. We want to provide a future for ourselves and our children. And that is exactly why we are working hard to build a new, clean tomorrow worth living in – day by day, and project by project.

Solarwatt. Powering a better tomorrow.

Solarwatt stands for German premium quality: Our products are developed in Dresden and Hürth and manufactured partially in Dresden with selected production lines abroad. All our products are designed and rigorously tested at our headquarters in Dresden, Germany. Our German factories and offices run on green electricity.

Sustainability starts at home with water, waste and energy management. We constantly analyse, evaluate and optimise the production of our photovoltaic products.

Our values


Our company history

Solarwatt history 1993 - 2013
Solarwatt history 2014 - 2017
Solarwatt history 2018 - 2021
Solarwatt history 2022 - 2023

Our customers have been enjoying the sunny side of life since 1993.

solar roofed swedish farm house
Swedish farm solar roof. Installed by our Premium Partner Gold ECOKRAFT
english home with solar panels
English country home with panels, battery and manager
DJI 0033
Family home near Lyon
Australian fire department with solar panels
Australian firefighters secured their power supply with SOLARWATT panels and a battery system
swedish home with SOLARWATT panels
Swedish home with glass-glass panels. Installed by our Premium Partner Gold ECOKRAFT
Auto unter Solarcarport
Over 2000 panels cover this company parking lot, supplying shade as well as power for car chargers
Solarwatt panels cover the BMW world in Munich

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