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The center of our solar system.

SOLARWATT Manager flex

Keep it all together with the Manager flex.

The Manager is the brain
at the center of the system

Our approach to energy management gives you a full overview of all energy flows and devices. You can control your devices and also save money and reduce CO₂ by reducing the energy you buy from the grid.
  • Optimizes the entire system
  • Increases the efficiency of the system
  • Makes you more independent from grid power
Manage electricity,
warmth and mobility.
There are many solutions for the management of individual energy consumers. The SOLARWATT Manager optimizes the entire system and controls all connected devices. This allows you to keep an eye on your electricity flow.

You decide HOW.

You decide HOW.

When charging your e-vehicle’s batteries, you can choose between three options, each with its own considerable benefits: instant charge, charge until departure time, or solar-optimized charging.

  • Flexible charging
  • Efficient usage
  • Refuel for free

You decide WHAT and WHEN.

You decide WHAT and WHEN.

With the SOLARWATT Manager, you are in control. You can charge your home energy storage system, power large appliances, hold onto stored energy and draw grid power when it’s cheaper – for example, to take advantage of nighttime rates, or store cheap electricity drawn from the grid.

  • Economical
  • Independent
  • Flexible

You decide WHO has access.

You decide WHO has access.

If there are any faults with your system, you can have your trusted installer take a closer look via our secure Installer Center. In some cases, problems can be fixed right there, or repairs can be expedited.

  • Convenient system reports
  • Centralized control
  • Intuitive App
Solarwatt Home App

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Watch what your electricity does all day.

screenshot Solarwatt home app
Solarwatt Home App

The app with the overview.

The Solarwatt Home app allows you to keep a constant eye on key daily figures, such as your total energy generation, the percentage of energy you use yourself, your self-sufficiency level, battery level and device status.
  • All important data
  • Intuitive interface
  • Control devices remotely
screenshot Solarwatt Manager portal
Solarwatt Manager Portal

The planning and management platform.

The Solarwatt Manager portal provides details and offers efficient options to help you optimize energy flows in your household. On top of that, practical features like an installation report can be useful when filing your tax return.
  • Historical data
  • Optimize energy flows in detail
  • System and device status
Solarwatt Manager flex & pro
Solarwatt Manager flex

The brain and heart of the entire system.

This little powerhouse brings together all the devices in your system and household. It provides the data the Home app and Manager platform need to function.
  • Complete energy system in one box
  • Future-proof universal interfaces
  • Power LAN on board

A few more great details:

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