Learn about the families, individuals and companies who have taken a step towards greater independence and clean energy. Discover what motivated them, what they were looking for, and the features they’re most benefiting from in their everyday lives.

More roofs generating clean energy with Solarwatt:

Photovoltaic system on the Berlin Olympic Stadium

    1,614 PV panels from Solarwatt
    225 t of CO2 are saved per year
    The system covers 11 % of the local electricity demand.
    Forecast: 615,000 kWh of electricity per year, which is roughly equivalent to the annual consumption of 205 three-person household

Solar Facade in Roof on Rotterdam Skyscraper

    216 Solarwatt glass-glass modules Vision 60M (concrete and steel roof)
    111 Solarwatt glass-glass modules Construct (facade)
    Total output: 103 kWp; 93,000 kWh per year
    Commissioning of the plant: April 22, 2021

Car park roofing of the automotive supplier DRÄXLMAIER Group

    4,200 glass-glass panels with an annual yield of 1.2 GWh
    97% of the electricity generated is consumed on factory premises
    560 t CO2 savings per year
    350 charging points for electric cars

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