What the Bienengräbers love about their photovoltaic system.

A solar panel system has direct and indirect effects. Some are apparent immediately – others emerge over time. The Bienengräber family share their insights into the various aspects of living with clean energy generated on their own roof.
Almost half of the Bienengräbers’ energy for electricity, heat and e-mobility comes from their rooftop panels.
The Vision 60M style 300 Wp modules reliably provide maximum performance for the Bienengräbers.
solar panel system performance
The system is a little larger to ensure there is sufficient energy to meet the demands of everyday life with clean energy.
total savings
Over the next thirty years, the Bienengräber family expects to save €17,000 or more. This takes into account the initial investment costs for the solar panel system and the payments anticipated for the feed-in tariff for the first 20 years.

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Step by step to your own photovoltaic system 

Lisa and Fabian Bienengräber are parents of two children and are delighted to have fulfilled their dream of owning their own home. They have been thinking about installing a photovoltaic system even when they first started planning their new home. The family loves nature, and Fabian’s mother is a biologist and scientific assistant who is also responsible for various nature reserves. 

But when they first did their own research and calculations relating to a photovoltaic system, they were overwhelmed by the financial and bureaucratic costs. After all, they had just taken out a six-figure mortgage. 

But they couldn’t stop thinking about the idea of having a clean energy source on the roof of their own home. On top of that, there are many signals in the everyday life of a family of four that make you more conscious of your own consumption of finite resources. A family uses a lot of appliances and devices, most of them on a daily basis. It starts with the hot morning showers, then there’s the washing machine, dishwasher, and dryer, and then there are all the smartphones, tablets, and so on which also need to be charged regularly. Every year, more items that consume additional energy are added to the household.  

„It’s important to us to incorporate environmental awareness into the way we raise our children and teach them that there are some resources that are most definitely finite. “
Lisa Bienengräber
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System size: 9.9 kWp from 33 Vision 60M style 300 Wp modules
The hybrid car is charged with its own solar power via a Keba P30C charging station.
Clean electricity for all aspects of everyday life.
It’s important to the Bienengräber family to incorporate environmental awareness into the way they raise their children teaching them that some resources are most definitely finite.”

With each electricity bill and annually rising energy costs, the Bienengräbers were reminded of their original plan to invest in their own photovoltaic system, and that it might not been such a bad idea after all. 

So Lisa and Fabian took a second look at everything. This time they focused more on the future and its possibilities instead of just the credit burden. They asked themselves how they could organise their everyday lives over the next few years in such a way that they might reduce energy, emissions, and costs.  

The aim for them was to be good role models to their own children by demonstrating that ideals should translate into actions by taking positive steps towards their clean energy goals. For example, the decision to purchase an electric car made perfect sense. Lisa and Fabian explained their ideas and requirements in an initial discussion with Solarwatt. In the next step, these evolved into concrete plans and figures. 

Fabian Bienengräber says: “The deciding factor was that we would pay as much for the financing as we would for our electricity bill, but then make real savings in the long run. In seven years, everything will be paid off, and we are already convinced that it will start really paying dividends thereafter.”  

However, even with enormous motivation and clear goals, the Bienengräbers’ previous doubts had not simply gone away. They still had no desire to research funding applications or communicate with authorities to get their system running – along with all the other tasks that accompany the installation of a photovoltaic system. 

Smart energy management 

Smart energy management 

The smart energy management offered by the  Manager flex combined with the transparent presentation of data in the Home app helps Fabian and Lisa to better understand how they can further optimise their energy consumption.  

And factors such as a significant reduction in trips to the petrol station for their hybrid car provide further indications that they made the right decision. 

What a photovoltaic system can do for you 

Lisa and Fabian are now settled into everyday life with a photovoltaic system and are thrilled with the results. They are happy to have played their own personal role in the energy revolution, and have every reason to be: The Bienengräbers’ system not only provides clean energy, but also clean heat and clean mobility.  

The system has to generate a lot to cover these needs, but it also saves just as much when you consider that heating alone can account for about 70% of energy costs.  

  • A holistic solution: The Bienengräbers’ electricity, heat, and e-mobility are all provided by the solar energy system. 
  • Clean mobility: The hybrid car is supplied by the system via a Keba charging station, which means it is refuelled very rarely. 
  • More independence: A MyReserve storage system is used here to take their personal solar energy consumption to the max. 
  • Everything at a glance: Smart energy management via the Manager Flex and Home app. 
  • Everything under control: Bienengräbers use remote-controlled power sockets for smart power consumption. 
  • With you for the journey: We planned the system together with the Bienengräbers and will be on hand to advise and assist for life. 

Your own modern solar home

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