Clean and smart energy for your car.

How clean mobility will drive us all to a better future.

An electric car doesn’t just reduce emissions – it also saves money. If you use your photovoltaic system to charge your e-car, a full “tank” could cost you as little as... nothing. And that’s not just great for your bank account. It’s great for the planet, too. 

Fill up on your own energy.

Don’t waste time finding the nearest public charging station – simply use the surplus energy generated on your own roof. Program your SOLARWATT Manager to ensure that your car battery is always charged whenever your solar electricity system is generating enough power. Charge your battery or set what distance you want to be able to drive safely on that charge. 

You can charge your electric car through your home power supply if you like, but there are some disadvantages to consider. The charging current in this case will be throttled to avoid overloading the power lines. This means charging will be slower and you won’t be able to use your solar energy efficiently. But with one of our partner's charging unit you’ll be able to achieve much higher charging currents and faster charging times. You’ll also make yourself less dependent on public charging stations and an often confusing pricing structure. 

Fuel costs in comparison

Petrol, diesel or electric car - which drive is the cheapest? Our cost comparison shows that with an electric car you save costs and do something for the environment.

Calculation basis: BMW X3 with average consumption of 8.9 l Super / BMW iX3; German energy market 2021/22

Sources: ADAC, Statista, Verbraucherzentrale-Bundesverband,, Drewag, Statistisches Bundesamt; en2x, BDEW, Verivox (Version 10/2022)

Graph Fuel costs per 100 km in comparison
Fuel costs per 100 km in comparison

You decide when to charge.

You decide when to charge.

Set up your SOLARWATT Manager so that your solar power is the preferred power source for your wallbox. That makes both environmental and economic sense. If solar-generated electricity is in short supply, the Solarwatt Manager can just use power supplied by the grid. This strategy combines reliable driving performance while being very environmentally friendly. 

Charge for less money and greater independence with the Battery flex. 

Once the wallbox is ready to go, all you have to do is plug in the charging cable and your car will start charging. Simple, speedy, straightforward. The SOLARWATT Manager, an integral part of our PV system, reliably provides the wallbox with power generated by your solar panels. You can configure every detail in the smart control center to suit your needs. 

If you’re on the road a lot during the day, it’s not always easy to charge your electric car with your own solar power. But you do have the option of fully charging your vehicle at the weekend, for example. Depending on the distance you want to drive, this may meet your needs. However, if the sun isn’t generating enough electricity in that time, you won’t reach your destination and will have to resort to using the public charging infrastructure. 

An energy storage system dramatically reduces this risk. SOLARWATT Battery flex ensures that you can use the electricity generated during the day to meet your needs in the evening. The battery is properly charged via the SOLARWATT Manager, meaning solar electricity is available to you when you need it. 


Solar power from your own carport

We also offer premium solar panels to be installed on your carport, veranda or facade.

Together we'll make the change to clean energy. When will your home join the club?