Solarwatt talks to the BBC World Service

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Solarwatt speaks to the Marketplace Morning Report for the BBC World Service.

Earlier this week Solarwatt UK & Ireland Managing Director Pol Spronck talked to the BBC World Service for an episode of the Marketplace Morning Report.

Here Pol reflects on global concerns centred around the Chinese green energy industry and discusses how solar panel market price trends over the last two decades vs an unhealthy 60% decrease over the last few months, are effecting businesses and consumers alike.

Pol also shares how with more than 30-year’s experience Solarwatt are able to remain agile in the face of such challenges and talks about our innovative strategy for the future.

The Marketplace broadcast portfolio is heard by more than 11.7 million listeners each week on more than 800 public radio stations nationwide. They also reach more than 2.3 million listeners across their podcasts. This was broadcast live on the 9th April 2024 via NPR's

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