PES Solar article: 'Ask The Experts' Q&A with Solarwatt

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Earlier this year we spoke to PES Solar where Managing Director, Pol Spronck talked to them about our innovative new TOPCon panel series and SOLARWATT's continued R&D excellence and commitment to Powering A Better Tomorrow. 

In the latest 'Ask The Experts' feature for PES Solar we discuss the latest editions to our quality panel portfolio and the benefits of new TOPCon cell technology. We also discuss market trends such as the record number of heat pump and battery storage installations working with solar systems here in the UK & Ireland, and the shift in demand for high-quality products that ensure long-lasting reliability, exceptional performance, and that deliver higher yields.


Pol also discusses the challenges our industry currently faces and discover how with more than 30 years experience SOLARWATT remain agile to such challenges with the strategic differentiation in our product portfolio, diversification in production and sales channels, coupled with a strong leadership empower us for the future.


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