Update June 2022

The most important news first: Yes, we listened! As part of the current update, the manager portal has been optimized for mobile devices. The improved user interface enables a more pleasant use on smartphones and tablets.

SOLARWATT Manager portal - Release 06/22

In the current update you will find the following changes:

  • Improved user interface for more comfortable use on smartphones and tablets. 
  • The functionalities for optimization are activated in the new portal. 
  • Heat pumps now have their own widget on the Overview dashboard. 
  • A dialog window shows the offline status of the manager. 
  • Good to know: An annual report for the PV system is now available for download as a PDF.

The manager portal in pocket format

Improved mobile display

The SOLARWATT Manager portal now adapts to your device. Regardless of whether you access the portal on your computer with a large screen, tablet or smartphone: 
The display is automatically optimally adjusted. The same goes for the size of the widgets. In the case of small displays, the individual widgets are also arranged one below the other to enable good legibility. Input fields and buttons of the widgets are always displayed large enough to be able to use them comfortably on a smartphone. 
We are constantly checking and optimizing the mobile display and are very excited about your feedback!

Solarwatt Manager portal, update June 2022: Mobile view

Please Note

So far, not all known functions were available in the new manager portal. With the current release, the same features are available in both portals, including the optimizer. The new manager portal will become our standard portal on June 15th - you can still reach the EnergyManager portal via the known route. The old portal will then be finally shut down in the course of the second half of the year.

New functions

A) PV Optimizing available

In the new portal we have now also activated the optimization. This means that you have all the familiar settings and display options at your disposal, but for the time being we have not displayed the kilometers in the time bar under “Mobility”. As of now, there is no reason to switch to the old portal for schedules and optimizations.  

Optimization settings Part 1
Optimization settings Part 2

B) Analysis: PV Plant report as a PDF document

As a documentation for public authorities or for personal purposes, users can now download an annual PDF report for their PV system. The Download Report button is located in the analysis panel on the right hand side just above the chart. 
If the PV system has been in operation for several years, there are also PDF reports for previous years. In these system reports, all consumption data is visualized in an energy flow diagram. The reports also provide information on the usage behavior of the battery and the amount of CO2 saved.

C) Heat pump widget

Heat pump users will now see a new widget on the manager portal dashboard. In addition to the current power consumption of the heat pump, the widget provides information about the active SG-Reday operating mode. 
With another widget, users can see the buffer storage tank temperature in addition to the current consumption. The scale covers a range from 20 to 95 degrees Celsius. The unit for the hot water temperature can also be set to Fahrenheit in the user settings.  

Hint for PV-optimized charging

The heat pump can be set to be PV-optimized in the new energy optimization area. With sufficient PV surplus, you can then heat with self-generated solar power. The proportion of self-consumption increases significantly with this configuration.

Please Note

Temperature support is only available for Stiebel Eltron heat pumps whose buffer storage tank temperature is available for reading out to the SOLARWATT Manager. This is currently not possible with the EGO Smart Heater - you can find the temperature under “Devices” here. However, the feature will be made available at a later date.

Line 1: Buffer tank temperature heat pump; Line 2: heat pump widget

D) Offline state of SOLARWATT Manager 
If the SOLARWATT Manager is no longer connected to the local network, an overlay dialog window appears with all the important information that needs to be considered in this case. 
The functions for which a connection to the manager is essential are then blocked. In the Home app, changes to the devices in the device list cannot be saved until the device is online again. 

Detail updates

What else you should know:

Browser language and large numbers 
In the user settings there is the possibility to choose your preferred language. If no selection was made there, the language defined in the browser settings will be used. If no language is stored in the browser either, the manager portal is displayed in English by default. 
Numbers greater than 1,000 are formatted with a thousands separator according to the active language.   


Documentation Solarwatt Manager

A detailed online help for the SOLARWATT Manager, especially around the topics installation, commissioning and configuration, can be found here.