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An award-winning horticultural retailer in Surrey, UK, makes energy cost savings of over £75,000 within the first few months of commercial solar installation using Solarwatt's premium quality Glass-Glass Panel vision modules. Helping change the commercial solar landscape in the UK on the road towards net zero. 

Solarwatt premium partner, Eco Energy Environment completes impressive, high-quality solar projects for a thriving commercial business rolling out cutting-edge solar solutions across multiple sites in the South East, helping them make the right investment in sustainable solar energy.

Garsons (Thompson Brothers Ltd.) who have been ‘Growing Since 1871’ is an award-winning business that started life as a mixed farm more than 150 years ago by George Henry Thompson, supplying fresh crops to London’s Borough Market. Today Garsons has evolved into an award-winning destination garden centre, farm shop and restaurant in Esher, Surrey opening a second site in Titchfield, Hampshire in 1999. Today Garsons is led by fourth and fifth generations of the Thompson family. Together they are committed to driving environmental change at Garsons creating a bright and sustainable future for their business and the local communities they serve. 

Solarwatt products & partnerships drive quality results.

Eco Energy Environment has been providing solar energy solutions since 2007 and was consulted by Garsons because of their wealth of commercial installation experience and expertise. They pride themselves on collaborating with high-quality manufacturers that offer high-performance, best-in-class products that give customers like Garsons the ultimate peace of mind.

As a European manufacturing pioneer and market leader in solar technology for the last 30 years, SOLARWATT is renowned for its German quality standards. Across Europe, more than 600,000 private households and companies use photovoltaic systems from the Dresden company to generate clean solar power themselves. In 2025, Solarwatt wants to reach the limit of one million installed systems.  Our solar panels continue to be trusted by our installation partners, to get the very best results for their customer's solar energy switchover.

“Solarwatt panels had been recommended several times, and it was that European, German quality, which led the way to the relationship we have. The open dialogue between us, Eco Energy and Solarwatt has helped, and it is an ongoing relationship that will continue” said Ben Thompson, Director, Garsons.

As long-standing customers, Solarwatt were proud to award Eco Energy Environment with Premium Partner status for their loyal dedication to providing quality products and services.  Delivering highly skilled, professional, end-to-end services from consultation and system design to quality product selection and implementation – working in partnership with their clients and with trusted manufacturers like us, in pursuit of the best outcomes for their customers. Talking of the ongoing partnership, Managing Director, of Eco Energy Environment, Yen Dai said: “It's been a terrific relationship because of Solarwatt’s quality product portfolio, it’s a partnership that works for all of us, as well as the end client.”

New vision: Why Glass-Glass modules deliver long-term benefits for commercial businesses.

  • Performance Vs Cost
  • Versatility & Reliability
  • Industry-Leading Guarantees

Designed and tested in Germany, Solarwatt Glass-Glass Panel vision modules come with industry-leading 30-year warranties and are the perfect profile for this type of commercial installation. “Our Glass-Glass panels come with a 30-year performance warranty and 30-year linear performance warranty which guarantees 87% left in the panel at year 30” said Neal Goddard, Sales Director UK & Ireland. The precious solar cells are encapsulated on both sides with robust toughened glass panes, making them significantly more durable than conventional Glass-Foil solar panels. As Glass-Glass panels consist of two layers of tempered glass it also makes them inherently more fire-resistant. They are designed and tested for resilience to the highest European manufacturing standards and offer optimal protection against all weather conditions and mechanical stresses, so they will continue generating sustainable energy for Garsons, long into the future.

Project challenges require meticulous planning by a trusted installation team.

  • System size: 251.01 kWp 562 x Panel vision pure / 72 x Panel vision black
  • 234,595 kWh estimated through PVSol
  • 673 mWh actual consumption to end of 2023 (data from Fronius Solar Web)
  • 189 mWh production (data from Fronius Solar Web)
  • 160 mWh Self Consumption (data from Fronius Solar Web)

To help meet their client's objectives, Eco Energy Environment chose solar panels from Solarwatt’s premium-quality Glass-Glass Panel vision series selected for performance reliability, energy yield and aesthetics. Using the PANEL VISION PURE for the bulk of the design and introducing the PANEL VISION BLACK in an in-roof setting on the farm shop to compliment the sleek slate aesthetic. This type of high-consumption site requires high-performance, versatile modules that suit the needs of the complex system design with multiple rooftop structures (slate, metal, trapezoidal) needing the meticulous planning of varying string designs over multiple inverters.Commenting on the installation process, Yen Dai, Managing Director, of Eco Energy Environment said: “It takes a skilled team pulling together to overcome project challenges and get the job done.”

Long-term investment, reaping cost-savings within a few months of installation.

 Soon after completion at Garsons Esher, the new solar system was quick to bear fruit with initial calculations showing they have saved a third of that energy requirement to date translating to a substantial cost-saving to the client of over £75,000 so far.

 Delighted with the early results and reflecting on the positive customer reactions so far, Ben Thompson commented: “We’ve had a good response from our customers, I think they want to see that we are investing in improving our environmental credentials. We would recommend Eco Energy and Solarwatt, and we have a second installation underway now at our other site” “Results so far since we went live at Esher have been strong. That’s quite rewarding to see that energy cost-saving.”

 Demonstrating a tangible return on investment Garsons completed their large-scale solar implementation at Esher quickly and efficiently without disruption to business operations and they can now look forward to a brighter future making even greater savings and generating sustainable clean energy for farming generations to come.

Solarwatt. Powering A Better Tomorrow.


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