Vision glass-glass modules

Dependable. Durable. Indestructible.

SOLARWATT’s glass-glass modules are long-lasting and extremely robust against environmental influences. They are lightweight like conventional glass-foil modules and are not complicated to install.

These qualities distinguish glass-glass modules from standard products:

  • Lightweight 2mm thick glass panes
  • Maximum yield reliability
  • Maximum mechanical strength
  • 100% protection against PID (potential induced degradation)
  • Maximum fire resistance
  • 30 year product guarantee
  • 30 year linear performance guarantee

Vision 60M Style

Transparent monocrystalline glass-glass module with black frame

Vision 60M High Power

High performance monocrystalline glass-glass module with black frame

Information & Service

Battery Storage

A storage device makes your valuable solar power available when you really need it – at night.

MyReserve batterie with 2 packs
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Control the energy flows in your household with EnergyManager.

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You can invest in your energy independence with peace of mind – SOLARWATT guarantees all glass-glass modules for 30 years!

full coverage insurance
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