SOLARWATT – taking care for the environment to the highest level

9 Oct

SOLARWATT – taking care for the environment to the highest level

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*Carl Cook reports

We feel companies that claim to be environment-friendly should practise what they preach. That means considering in advance the consequences of all they do.

Only this week we’ve been dramatically reminded of the need to reduce carbon emissions.

It’s not just a matter of commerce. Everyone involved – on the shop floor, on the road, in the offices and in the boardroom – should to act on their commitment to a better world.

MyReserve installation

MyReserve repays the energy used
to make it after 400 cycles.

At SOLARWATT, not only do we make products that protect the environment, producing clean, emission-free electricity. Our activities are as resource-efficient and low-emission as possible. Take one of our main products.

MyReserve – intelligently built, easy to reuse

From the time it was just an idea, the first fully modular power storage device was designed to minimise its footprint. First, we control the entire chain, with production lines in Frechen & Dresden and suppliers located in Germany where possible, cutting transport emissions.

Second, MyReserve stores more than 10 times as much renewable energy over its whole life as is used in its production. The unit ‘repays’ the energy use to make it after only 400 cycles (typically 18 months).

Because our batteries are as small as possible, they use less transport space and a lot less CO2 in delivery, e.g. seven times more product units per container compared to the former version of MyReserve. That’s important on a lorry from Cologne to Hamburg – but vital on a container ship from Hamburg to Australia.

The ‘building block’ design means there’s no need to exchange a battery: modules can be retrofitted and batteries expanded in both capacity and performance (measured in watts).

Similarly, a shoebox-sized module can be replaced if necessary, not the whole battery. This lowers CO2 transport emissions and means fewer replacement parts are needed for exchanges.

We were thinking ‘end of life’ right from the start, ensuring MyReserve has an extremely high recyclability rating.

We use screws and plugs instead of welded pieces, so batteries are easy and non-destructive to open. Also, the components have a very high reusability factor and finally, parts are easily disassembled, so raw materials are more easily re-used.

We’ll be back soon with more on our environment-friendly products and our corporate approach.

Carl Cook, SOLARWATT Sales Manager


* Carl Cook is Sales Manager, SOLARWATT UK – Midlands, Wales and West.

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