SOLARWATT expands with Eco range as sales of glass-glass modules surge ahead

SOLARWATT, the premium provider of photovoltaic systems, is to convert its entire panel manufacturing to its premium-quality Vision glass-glass modules in response to growing demand in Europe and internationally. The company is also launching a new range of glass-foil solar PV modules to serve the...


The need for speed

MyReserve has won international praise and popularity for its efficiency, leading to better power supply, durability and long-term savings for customers. Neal Goddard* reports One reason SOLARWATT’s award-winning solar battery outperforms other systems is its fast reaction time, explained here. Later we’ll look at two other...


SOLARWATT in-roof solar panel wins 2019 German Design Award

The German Design Council (Rat für Formgebung) has awarded SOLARWATT the 2019 German Design Award for its EasyIn in-roof solar panel. The glass-glass panel, which can replace normal roof tiles, was awarded in the "Excellent Product Design" category. "As a premium manufacturer, we want to...


SOLARWATT – environment-friendly products from an eco-conscious company

*Carl Cook reports Last time we described how our MyReserve, the fully modular battery, was designed with care for the environment in mind. Now let’s look at some of our other products. Glass-glass modules Our glass-glass PV “generational modules” are so-called due to their longevity. Glass is...


SOLARWATT – taking care for the environment to the highest level

*Carl Cook reports We feel companies that claim to be environment-friendly should practise what they preach. That means considering in advance the consequences of all they do. Only this week we’ve been dramatically reminded of the need to reduce carbon emissions. It’s not just a matter of commerce....


Why householders are declaring their energy independence

By Neal Goddard* Apart from saving money and making a better world, a major driver in the switch to solar PV and storage is declaring your energy independence. Concern over rising electricity prices is not only about money – it’s also about the relative strength of ordinary...