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The SOLARWATT EnergyManager – use your power intelligently

All operators of private photovoltaic systems are familiar with the situation: The solar power produced during the day is fed unused into the public mains and expensive power must be purchased from the power supply company in the evening because there is no solar power available. Energy management systems like the SOLARWATT Energy Manager offer solutions for this problem. It monitors, controls and regulates all energy flows in the household. The Energy Manager ensures that a maximum amount of solar power is consumed within the household in order to reduce the amount of mains power that must be purchased, thereby reducing energy costs.

It works in perfect harmony with each system

Developed as an open system for inverters and compatible heat pumps, etc., the EnergyManager works in perfect harmony with nearly any system.

Intelligent feed management

In combination with SOLARWATT inverters, the EnergyManager has an intelligent feed system and dynamically regulates the PV inverter as necessary. With small photovoltaic systems of up to 30 kWp, it removes the need for the ripple control receiver and thus saves on costs.

Access to the outstanding EnergyManager Portal - free of charge

With the multiple-award-winning EnergyManager Portal, you can learn about the energy flows in your household and optimize your consumption. The portal visualizes the EnergyManager data via the internet on your tablet, PC or smart phone.

Flexible activation of devices

In addition to household appliances, you can also integrate large consumers, such as heat pumps. Then they can be activated and deactivated, monitored and controlled depending on the energy production of the solar system.

Photovoltaic system monitoring

The EnergyManager monitors your PV system and measures how much solar power is available and when.

Optimization of energy flows

The SOLARWATT Energy Manager automatically activates previously selected power consumers when there is sufficient solar power available and thus optimizes internal consumption of solar power from the PV system. This feature is available with Plugwise Sockets for modern appliances.

Maximum data security

Your data is safe from unauthorized access thanks to SSL encryption according to the online banking standard and is stored on German servers.

Easy installation

The easy installation of the EnergyManager takes place on a top-hat rail in your building fuse box. The device is then connected to the internet.

The EnergyManager Portal – comfortable energy management

Since all information about your household energy flows is important for optimization of internal consumption, the SOLARWATT Energy Portal provides an overview of the data for power production and the consumption data based on various functions. With the easy-to-use, intuitive interface of the portal, you have a quick overview of all relevant information.

You can also use the portal to increase your living comfort. You can easily change settings or switch household appliances on and off remotely. Changes in travel plans or the weather are no problem at all – you can switch on your household heating conveniently with just a few clicks.

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